April 26, 2012


KC Mitchell really loved costumes, especially Halloween, but had costumes for all occasions. She was very creative and would always make her own costumes, searching out just the right pieces from Etsy and other places.

KC's costumes were always scary and frightening, hardly ever cute and never the "sexy nurse" kind. KC loved scary and frightening imagery, which is ironic because her personality and everyday dress wasn't like that at all. She always dressed nicely with great color combination. However KC's costumes were really something else. They always showed incredible attention to detail and creativity. Frequently she would have the best and most interesting costume at the party.

I remember when I would visit her she would tell me how she found the perfect set of wings for a costume she was designing and tell me where the idea came from for the costume and why she was dressing that way. KC would get so excited about it. It showed just how much forethought she would put into her costumes and how much she enjoyed them.

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