April 19, 2012

In memory of KC Mitchell, Kassandra Dee O'Neal.

Kassandra Dee O'Neal who was known to me as KC Mitchell passed away in the evening of Monday, March 26 2012 in in the Sunset District of San Francisco California. She was my best friend and the longest friend I had in San Francisco; the first true friend I made in San Francisco.

This web log is to help me remember KC Mitchell, a woman whose sweetness, love and friendship I always want to remember. I miss her more and more each day, for each day that passes is one more day I am without seeing her beautiful smile.

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  1. Can someone please e-mail me and fill me in on the details of what happened to KC? I am a childhood friend who lives in Arizona and was devastated to find out yesterday via Facebook that she passed away. I can't seem to find any answers. Please e-mail me at desertchildaz@cox.net. Thank you.

    ~ Kelly


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