April 25, 2012


KC Mitchell always smelled so nice. I would look forward to seeing her just to enjoy her scent. KC's favorite perfume was Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana. I could be anywhere and if I smelled that perfume it would remind me of her. It still does, and probably always will.

I remember that lovely scent would linger in my home whenever she visited. I would smell it on my clothes after she hugged me, and it would linger on my pillows.

I bought her a bottle of perfume this past Valentine's day at Bloomingdales. I was excited to give it to her. She was so surprised to get it, shocked really. KC was always so humble and never wanted to inconvenience anybody or cost them money. I was looking forward to smelling that scent on her for a long time.

Her brother Jimi was kind enough to tell me that KC had told him about the bottle of perfume I got her when she visited him in March. She wore the perfume the last night I saw her. I know she wanted to make me happy by wearing it.

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